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Transportation Planning 

Stakeholder Collaboration


Movitas was founded out of a love for helping impact real change in transportation.

We are passionate about helping cities to diversify their transportation portfolio thereby improving access for all. Movitas works with clients to develop programs and projects that reduce drive-alone mode split. We translate technical infrastructure elements into project efforts that government partners and the public can understand. We also help policy makers and engineers understand priorities to the public and project stakeholders. Movitas also offers process improvement consulting to agencies. 


Movitas holds the following certifications: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE, USDOT), Historically Underutilized Business Enterprise (HUB, State of Texas), and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE, City of Austin). 


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Policy Analysis

We help public and private partners to better understand the policy landscape in which they are trying to implement change. Movitas offers insights on "how we got here" to inform "how to get there" with clear guidance on federal, state, and local regulations.
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Stakeholder Negotiations

All transportation projects involve trade-offs. We work with partners to tell the story of technically feasible options while seeking to understand stakeholders’ perspectives. Movitas offers facilitated technical workshops as well as smaller group meetings that aim to find common-ground solutions.

Multimodal Transportation Insights

We provide transportation mapping and graphics as well as framing and context-setting for presentations. We can help translate technical and engineering documents to illustrative graphics to help communicate project accuracy in a way that people understand.



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Meg Merritt

Meg has 18 years of experience in managing major projects that bring transit and emerging mobility to communities. Meg specializes in building consensus by seeking to understand the needs of stakeholders and technical project managers. 



megmerritt <AT>

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